About Us

Rentorim is a platform which is meant to be your number 1 destination for all of your rent based needs. Yes all of your needs regarding any rentable item will be addressed here. 

Often people buy a product when they require it for a task and they have no one to borrow it from. When that task is done they just store the product and this way the product just collects dust. Instead of storing the product and letting it collect dust one should use it as a form of revenue by renting it to others. One will be surprised on what people require for rent once a person starts to rent things out. One thing that a person will be concerned for in this case will be about their product; whether it is safe, will it be returned, if it gets damaged. All of these concerns are genuine concerns for everyone. That is why Rentorim has very solid safeguards in place which will help to avoid these circumstances.