No this is not in our policy to rent out car without driver. We only rent out car with driver.

We charge rent to our customers on the basis of days. 12 hours are also considered as one day.

No, This is not in our policey yet renting the hair styling tools but later on we are dedicated to add more and more material to the where you will find everything from pin to the Jet.

Renting help people to avoid the heavy investments on the things that are not in regular use. people can also rent out those things which are used only one time.

If you got rental dress burnt you have to inform the rentorim And you have to pay the rent of the dress along with the full cost of the dress.

In the case in which you want to paydown payment in installments you have pledge your any strong asset.

You have to rent out apartment for at least 3 months.

You can rent out Bridal dresses, Party dresses but not simple casual dresses. As they have small life span.

Yes you have to book the things you want to rent in coming week or coming month. But for this you have to purchase the tookan of rentorim.

To rent a heavy machinary through rentorim. Open the offical website of Rentorim i.e select the category of heavy machinary. Select the machinary that you want to rent. Complete the payment procedure You can also call us at 0333 0001192